Next Sports Pro provides students athletes, semi pro athletes and sports professionals alike the means to showcase their resume of their personal athletic history. If your just starting out, applying for scholarship, marketing to the pros or perhaps a sports professional looking for that dream job, NSP will build a custom website of your sports achievements that will give you a competitive edge to scouts, coaches, head hunters and even your fans.

Athlete Profiles

Your giving it 110%, a machine of perfection. Your working your coach, the fans, the media and of course the scouts. Now what, spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars creating homemade or professional highlight reels on DVD and mailing them? Perhaps, if you have the time and money and then hope it gets seen before it’s filed in the can.

Truth is a very small percentage of Athletes will make it to the pros and what’s really sad is a so many better and deserving players are passed over due to scouting budget cuts or the shear volume of athletes vs the resources of schools and professional sports teams to scout them. This is especially true of small towns where your location makes it harder to attract  scouts. In this day of high tech gadgetry it’s imperative to provide your profile to anyone, anywhere, anytime. By pushing your very own domain website you will help to put yourself on the same playing field as any other player. We provide the means to make you a NSP athlete with a personalized and professional web design with your own domain name.
Amateur Semi Pro Profiles

Congratulations, your here because you want to take your sports career to the next level. Perhaps your golf game is worthy of competing, or your an up and coming race car driver with aspirations of Nascar, or your a team sports player that started late because you were in private schools or the ever increasing popular home schooling and sports weren't available. No matter your reason, point is your off most everyone’s radar and the only way to “get some” is by taking control of your own destiny. NSP can put you on the world wide web as an equal to anyone else by giving you a means to expose your talents to the right people anywhere in the world. Imagine your own sports show that talks about who else, you! The most affordable advertising you can spend is internet marketing and we can design a site especially for you. Anywhere from a small information site to full streaming video at very affordable costs. Want to know more like how  to use your social media with your athletic site to gain even more attention? We can show you how.


You, like so many thousands, have sacrificed anything and everything. The time alone invested in driving to practices or competitions shows the love and commitment you’ve dedicated. Family time has surely been sacrificed, even marriages and religious affiliations.  And the money is without a doubt the biggest commitment in your child’s athletic participation then anything other short of tuition.

Now consider one of the most affordable marketing mediums available, the Internet. Picture a dedicated media center just your up and coming athlete that’s available to scouts, recruiters, coaches, the media and even the fans 24/7. In a world that passes in the blink of an eye, thousands of would be athletes are lost in the dust. We can’t guarantee your athlete is good enough to get recruited but we can assist you in giving them an advantage to getting that scholarship or professional recruitment they might not have now by providing them the means to be exposed to the world as much, if not more, as any other athlete.


Whether your recruiting or coaching you have the insight of each and every player you’ve ever coached. You know it when you see that athletic ability, that gift of a future hall of famer. You also know all to well how the system works. It can be unjust, unfair and your aware of the difficulties in getting your players scouted due to location, budget restraints and time. Your facing a new day where armchair recruiters can sit in their hotel rooms and scout the next professional players from the convenience of their laptop.

NSP’s goal is to provide every player an equal opportunity and with your help we will get that player you know is pro quality the extra advantage they might need. We will work with you (at no cost) to link your schools website or local communities website to each players site thereby giving you the ability to help push those players into the eyes of scouts and coaches of collegiate and professional organizations. We will post coaches testimonials and letters of recommendations to the players site at no cost.

Trainers and Professional Services

NSP is also for trainers, sports camps and professionals looking to target their services to the public. We assist you in designing a custom professional site that can be as informative and interactive as you need it to be. We can provide solutions to booking appointments or selling products and accessories or even billing solutions. A website can provide you the same opportunities as everyone else in your business. Our staff will work with you to customize a site that meets your needs. Call us to discuss how we can provide you witha cutting edge website that will give you a competitive advantage.  

Athletic Job Resume’s

NSP isn’t just for athletes. Scouts, coaches and trainers can use our services to create an on-line interactive resume profile that you can use to push your personal marketing efforts for that next job. We provide cutting edge design that highlights your qualifications and experience with pictures and video and make. Your own domain site will be available to anyone, everywhere and any time. And because we’re sensitive to your personal career affairs, we can even provide you password protection so only authorized persons you want can enter your site.